Richard Craig Krause, has been licensed as an attorney in Michigan since 1981. He has served, &
continues to serve, as an advisor & legal counsel to individuals, businesses, & trusts in matters
pertaining to the avoidance of, or resolution of thousands of serious federal & state tax matters,
especially those involving extraordinary liabilities, civil fraud, & investigations & accusations of criminality.
He has advised & represented, & continues to advise & represent, individuals, businesses & trusts in the
gamut of civil lawsuits & criminal defense involving investment losses due to neglect or intentional
wrongdoing, other financial manipulations, wrongful competition, & illegal business & financial activities,
as well as, personal & business injury. He continues to study the combat/martial arts & has done so
since 1972. He holds a seventh degree black belt & still teaches the art. He is also a certified
hypnotherapist. He & his wife, Krista, have been married for 36 years. They have two sons & are
members of St. Gerards' Parish, Lansing, Michigan. He is a member of the Michigan Federal District
Courts, the United States Federal Court of Appeals, 6th District, & the United States Tax Court. He is
devoted to helping others realize their maximum potential.
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