About Us

We commit fully to you.

That means all of our resources & talents will be made available to you
so we can maximize your benefits & results under the circumstances.

That's what we would want if we were you.

We are licensed to practice & represent taxpayers before all the court systems, including tax courts, the respective Michigan
state courts & federal district courts, federal courts of appeals, etc. That means we have the power to seek assistance or
outside review of inappropriate or unsupported actions & decisions. Now, your problem may not necessarily require the
use of all of those talents & resources, however there are circumstances where the perception of having them at your
finger tips lends extra credibility & weight to your position. Our experience has shown this can work to your advantage
as soon as you engage us & throughout our work for you even if it reveals itself in only subtle ways.

We talk to you the way we would like to be talked to.

We treat you the way we would want to be treated.

We work your problem as though it was our personal problem.

You have the sole right to make decisions throughout the time we work for you.
We will accept & follow your direction.

We will respect a decision that you make even if is different from what we may
decide, & that is particularly true when you base your decision
on facts & matters that are highly personal to you.

We will keep you informed in real time & will answer all questions you may have thoroughly & timely.

We respect your personal privacy & ask about things that are usually private only to the extent that
they may apply to your challenges & the resolutions we are trying to achieve for you.

Our goal is to maximize the results that can be attained in your circumstances.

We want everyone to succeed. We also believe many problems people encounter in the tax law could be avoided.
To change that we have always reached out to taxpayers of all walks of life in an effort to educate them about their
rights under the tax law & the things they need to do to exercise those rights.

To that end, in conjunction with ABC Television, WLAJ, then we created & aired
The Taxpayers Voice
® Speaks, a T.V. series dedicated to those results.
Bangs, &
Associates, P.C.
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Tel:  (800) 230-4747
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